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We Make Homage Because Homage Made Us

We're all about offering homage to artisans and their craft. We travel abroad to make new connections with artisans and discover handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. We connect the artisan to our customer. Our goods bring a piece of culture, history and lineage into your home. Our HomageMade products are for individuals who care WHERE their goods come from and HOW they are made. Our pieces are storytellers; not products off a shelf mass-produced by a machine. What do we carry? Handmade Blankets, Zapotec Rugs, Authentic Pottery, Hand-carved Treenware, Handmade Bed Sets, Authentic Alebrijes, Handmade Palm Baskets, and MUCH MORE! Check out everything here!

How Are Our HomageMade Products Created? By Hand!...And Feet!

At HomageMade, ALL of our goods are made by hand. How exacty do they make them?

HomageMade goods are handmade by master artisans whose craft has been passed down hundreds of years by their ancestors. They are expert weavers via the belt-loom or the pedal-loom. Our Zapotec Rugs, Saltillo Blankets, Chenille Blankets, In/Out Blankets, Mitla Blankets and Pillows, and more are all made via the Pedal-Loom. What exactly is a Pedal-Loom?

The Pedal Loom was introduced to Latin America by the Spaniards in the 1500s. The Pedal Loom enhanced the process of weaving by indigenous artisans and is still the most common method used today.

Check out this video below of master weaver, Nazario Xolocotzi Romano, using his hands AND feet to weave a custom Saltillo Blanket for HomageMade.

The Best-Selling HomageMade Chenille Blankets

Handmade Luxury For Your Home

The HomageMade Chenille Blanket is a MUST HAVE item for ANY home. Soft, luxurious and of course handmade, this is a blanket that captures attention and everyone wants to grab to wrap up in. Our Chenille blanket comes in two designs and a multitude of colors so you are sure to find a good fit for your home's style.

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Get to Know the Artisans

At HomageMade, we feel it's important to know WHO makes the goods you purchase and display in your home. It's nice to know the story behind the product and how it ends up in your home. Take some time to get to know the artisans by clicking the link below. We take pride in making homage to artists and their history.

Meet The Artisans

The In/Out Blanket

In/Out Blankets

The Zapotec Rug

Handmade/pedal-loomed in Santa Ana Del Valle, Mexico with 100% sheep wool and naturally-dyed with cochineal bugs, flowers, cacao and other fruits and vegetables. These rugs are authentic story-tellers with Zapotec designs passed down hundreds of years from generation to generation of master weavers. Each rug is unique and has its own mysterious history.

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