Our Story

From the early years of childhood, Founder, Royce Peacock loved 2 things: traveling and making friends. His first trip abroad was to Europe at the age of 17, where the excitement of the unknown fascinated him. When he was 21 he left on his first solo adventure to South America to explore the Andes Mountains and the rainforests of Brazil where he lived amongst several different indigenous communities. After falling in love with the experience of traveling and learning about other cultures, he returned to the US to begin his education and of course continued to set out on new adventures exploring countries in Central America and spending much of his time in Mexico. While at university, Royce concentrated on International Business and changed to Anthropology where he further studied culture and language, graduating with a Dual-BA in Anthropology and Spanish from San Diego State University. Royce also took his studies abroad to Hispavoz Language Institute in Oaxaca, Mexico where his love for southern Mexico and its cultures began.
After college, he fell into the trap that many Americans fall into: He got a “corporate” job in sales in order to pay the bills and quickly lost sight of what he really wanted to do and who he wanted to be. He continued successfully in sales’ roles for several different companies and even worked selling internationally between Mexico and the US. During those 12 years of corporate work, he took every chance he got to travel the world: Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, and of course more explorations through Mexico. Royce began to fall more in love with southern Mexico and began visiting the indigenous villages of Oaxaca and Chiapas and even starting to learn bits of their languages such as Mixe, Mixteco and Zapateco. He felt a close attachment with the indigenous people of Mexico and loved learning from them and interacting with them. Royce became passionate about his travels in the southern regions and knew there had to be something more he could do for the people there and always wanted to give back and pay homage to those the way they pay homage to their ancestors and keep their history alive.
Due to Covid-19, Royce was put on temporary leave from his work and began to soul search while struggling to survive. He began to think about what he really wanted to do and how he wanted to work for himself and for a good cause and be able to give back to people. How could he combine his studies of culture and language, his international travel experience, and business skills in order to continue the life he envisioned? With much fear and uncertainty, Royce packed his personal items and moved to Mexico, full-time in order to put his vision into reality and started HomageMade. He is proud to share his dream with you and you can be confident that you are not just buying something homemade; you’re buying something HomageMade!