The Artists

At HomageMade, we have a love for people, their craft, and their history. We want our customers to know exactly WHO made their purchased good, HOW it was crafted and WHERE it comes from. Below you will find pictures and stories behind the artisans we work with. We take pride in the relationships we build with the artisans and we want them to thrive and succeed when we thrive and succeed. We take part in profit-redistributions to the artisans, their families and their communities. We want to pay homage to them and live up to our name! So with every purchase you make here at HomageMade, you can feel good that the artisan is being paid fairly and credit is given fairly, openly and honestly to them and the history behind their craft. So check them out below and get to know WHO exactly is behind each piece here at HomageMade!

Juventino Morales and Family: Handmade, Pedal-Loomed 100% Wool Rugs-Santa Ana Del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico

We met Juventino and his family while at a market in Santa Ana Del Valle. They invited us into their home to see their rug-making process and tell us a little about their past. Juventino is Zapotec and speaks Zapoteco/Spanish. Everyone in his family makes rugs (tapetes) and their process and designs have been passed down for hundreds of years. Every material used comes from behind their house: the wool comes directly from his sheep and the dyes are natural and made from cochineal bugs, flowers, plants, cacao, vegetables and fruit all from his garden. You can smell the fresh ingredients in the rugs! We fell in love with their craft and we know you will too. These rugs are storytellers and will be a talkative piece in your home.  
Juventino and Virginia Morales with HomageMade founder Royce Peacock

Ricardo Martin and family: Handmade, Pedal-Loomed 100% Cotton Home Goods- Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico

We had the pleasure of meeting Ricardo and his family while walking in the Mitla market. Wet met his mother first and she invited us to her home to see their pedal-looming process. We then met with Ricardo and his wife Rosa and quickly knew we had found some quality partners. They make beautiful blankets, pillows, bathroom sets, curtains and more. All of their items are handmade, pedal-loomed right at their home. Their process has been passed down generation after generation and ALL of their family participates in pedal-looming. You can be proud of any item you purchase from HomageMade that Ricardo and his family have worked hard on, just as we are.

Mayolo Ortega: 100% Hand Carved/Hand Painted Copal Alebrijes- San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mayolo was carving out a large piece of copal wood outside his home when we asked if we could view his work. He invited us into his gallery of Alebrijes (wood carved, Zapotec figures) and talked to us about his process and how it had been passed down from his ancestors.It takes many weeks to hand carve and then hand paint the designs on to the pieces. Each piece calls for an average of 2 weeks worth of work. We were impressed by the detail of the designs in his hand-painted creations and wanted to share our experience with our customers. Mayolo's work will get noticed in your home for its precise detail and everyone will want to know its story.

Yet Nagat Ceramicas (The Azcunaga Family): Black Pottery (Barro Negro)- San Bartolo Coyotopec, Oaxaca, Mexico

While shopping amongst the many "tiendas" of black pottery along the streets of San Bartolo Coyotopec, we entered into the store of Yet Nagat Ceramics. I loved their pottery. Especially, the pottery with the brown finishes really caught my attention. I had the pleasure of speaking with Gustavo, an elderly man who explained to me their process and how many years he had been involved with the traditional black and brown pottery. I could tell it was his passion which led me to want to carry on their ttradition as well to my customers. Gustavo put me in contact with his daughter, Monica, and we have found a way to bring their "cafe" pottery to you.
Monica at Net Yagat making the classic "cafe" pottery

Tami Cruz Chavez: Handwoven, Palm Crafts- Nochixtlan, Oaxaca, Mexico

We made the trip to the Nochixtlan market specifically to look for palm baskets for our customers. We had seen these baskets all over the state of Oaxaca and we were intrigued by their importance in the marketplace. We had learned of their history dating back hundreds of years before colonial times and had seen the indigenous women still carrying them via headband around the small Oaxacan villages. We met Tami, who was hand-weaving a basket that is currently on our site. She lit up with excitement when showing us her products and talking about how we might partner to bring her craft to US customers. Each basket takes about 3 days to weave and is made from 100% locally-sourced Palm leaves. We love these natural palm crafts and we are sure you can find many uses for them in your home just as they are used for many purposes to Tami and her culture.

Nazario Xolocotzi Romano: Handmade, Pedal-Loomed Authentic Saltillo Blankets- Contla, Tlaxcala, Mexico

In November of 2020, not much was open to tourism in Contla. We walked around for over an hour in the small town trying to find any sign of authentic blankets. We finally heard via the next-door comedor, that if we knocked on his door, he might let us in to see his work. We knocked and had the pleasure of meeting Nazario. Nazario curiously brought us into his home to see his work and even allowed our founder on the pedal-loom to show him of the labor of his work and difficulty that goes into each product that he makes. The design and process of these brightly-colored blankets has been passed down, generation ot generation through Nazario's family.His work is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Buying one of Nazario's pieces from HomageMade is bringing an authentic part of Mexico tradition into your home.
              Nazario Romano and HomageMade founder, Royce Peacock

Eugenia and Roberto Sosa: Hand Carved and Hand Painted Copal Alebrijes- San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico

We stumbled into the small alebrije shop of Eugenia and Roberto Sosa while walking the streets of San Martin Tilcajete in search of unique and intracetely designed alebrijes. We were impressed to see Eugenia hand painting a surreally-imagined representation of an elephant and we knew we had to partner up. Eugenia and Robert come from a long-line of Alebrije artists and we are excited to carry on their family tradition at HomageMade. Their pieces will make you want to start your very own collection of unique alebrijes to display in your home and to tell a story.
Eugenia Sosa and HomageMade founder Royce Peacock

The women's co-op at Jalieza Parador Turistico: Handmade, Backstrap-Loomed Decorative Pillows- Santo Tomas Jalieza, Oaxaca, Mexico

The women of the co-op in Jalieza work together to combine their artistry in order to share profits from their projects. We found them in the local auditorium of Jalieza and they taught us how they use their backstrap-loom to make beautifully crafted decorative pillows and more. You will see a mix of classic Zapotec designs along with more modern looks in these hand loomed pieces of art. All proceeds are shared among the women as a team.
The women of Jalieza Parador Turistico with HomageMade founder Royce Peacock