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Zapotec Handwoven Rug "Rombos Rallados" Natural-Dyed & Authentic from Oaxaca.

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Check out this Zapotec handwoven rug. Hand-spun and natural-dyed wool. Pedal-loomed by Juventino Morales in Santa Ana del Valle, Oaxaca as well. Amazingly, the wool comes from sheep in Juventino's yard. In fact, the dyes are made naturally too. Natural-dyed from bugs, flowers, fruits and vegetables that are pulled  directly from his garden. Also, the designs are unique to his family. Incredibly, they have been passed down for over a thousand years through his Zapotec family-lineage. Therefore, this is definitely a must-have storytelling piece for your home!


150 cm x 80 cm

Learn more about the artist here.