Barro Negro “Faces” 8-piece Breakfast Set

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Barro Negro “Faces” modern 8 piece, handmade breakfast set. This is a 8 piece complete set of Barro Negro favorites with a modern kick to a traditional setting. This barro negro set comes complete with 2 base smooth plates, 2 decorative plates with faces, 2 decorative bowls with faces, and 2 coffee cups with faces. This a beautifully handmade and modern take on black pottery that is a storytelling sure to catch an eye while entertaining. A fun and stylish collection of authentic Barro Negro direct from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca and made with love by the artisans at Artisanos Llery and brought to you with love by HomageMade.

Warning: Due to the handmade and uniqueness of this product, coloration and imperfections may exist and vary. No one item will be exactly the same.